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Folded Leaflets

£ 117.70 Turnaround: 6 working days

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Leaflets are a smart way to spread the word about your business and very much like flyers can be a very key direct marketing tool.

From promoting a new business startup to informing of a latest offer, a well designed leaflet will go a long way to getting a message across and will help to establish brand visibility.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Our Litho Folded Leaflets are available as follows. The 130gsm gloss range is folded, whereas the thicker 170gsm silk range is available both creased and folded, which will give a far better finish. The 170gsm gloss range can be both creased and folded or just folded. If you feel your leaflet would benefit from being creased and folded (for example a heavy solid across the fold) simply choose that option. Our standard fold is 'roll-fold' but if you require an alternative like gatefold (for example) then please ensure you specify this when placing an order or requesting an estimate. Folded Leaflets are exempt from VAT.